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Environmental aspects and product safety are component parts of our product development and manufacturing process. This is why we strive to achieve a dependable and environmentally friendly solution for the entire product lifecycle, from production right through to disposal. With this in mind, we use environmentally compatible materials in as far as possible and avoid any wastage of resources.

WAHL GmbH is ISO certified: 

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 9001:2015
  • We ensure that our guidelines are well suited for our activities as well as potential consequences to the environment
  • We comply to all relevant environmental management system (EMS) regulations and laws, customer and product requirements as well as industry practice and other Wahl GmbH EMS commitments
  • We strive to continuously improve our environmental performance
  • We are creating a framework for the definition of our environmental goals
  • We prevent environmental pollution and waste of resources
  • We ensure that our EMS and our guidelines are communicated, and understood by all people who work for Wahl GmbH or in its name
  • We ensure that our EMS guidelines are constantly verified and adapted if required, so it is appropriate for the future.
  • We communicate our environment policy to the public