A special anniversary:
75 years of MOSER

75 Jahre Moser pr slider.jpg
MOSER stands for reliable quality and innovation in the areas of hair clipper and blade set technology. MOSER is where tradition and innovation meet – and this year, it will celebrate its 75th anniversary. Three-quarters of a century that represent a unique success story in the hairdressing industry – because MOSER is one of the few brands that, from its base in Germany, develops, produces and globally distributes top-quality products that have earned the distinction "Precision Made in Germany".

Today, MOSER products are successfully sold in more than 68 countries. The extremely reliable quality of its appliances and blade sets can be partially attributed to the roots of the long-established company, which is based in St. Georgen in the Black Forest. This "region of inventors" has been known for centuries as a haven of innovation and skilled craftsmanship. Throughout its 75-year history, MOSER has epitomised precision technology from the Black Forest as well as the perfect symbiosis of a storied tradition and technological progress. On a creative level, which is absolutely essential for hairdressers, MOSER constantly creates new hairstyles, cutting techniques and artistically and culturally influenced inspirations. "We want to use this anniversary to express our gratitude to our customers and hairdressers across the globe and to let them know how much we value them. With the 'My Masterpiece' campaign, we want to ensure that we continue to provide hairdressers with the optimal tools in the future and inspire them with innovative technologies that allow them to enjoy their craft and unleash their infinite creativity", explained Jörg Burger, one of the two managing directors.

For its anniversary, MOSER is planning special activities this year to celebrate this milestone. This includes a specially designed anniversary logo, various advertising materials and social media campaigns and a new corporate video, which will show the company's development from its founding to becoming an innovation leader. In addition, the hairdressing industry can look forward to two special highlights: A new hair clipper! The company is still keeping the details of the appliance secret. However, one aspect can already be revealed: Its name KUNO will be an homage to company founder Kuno Moser. In addition, MOSER will present an inspiring collection that will combine modern hairstyles with contemporary art and traditional elements inspired by the Black Forest in a way that has never been seen before. A total of nine creative looks, which will serve as inspiration for hairdressers, will be introduced in 2021.

For further information go to www.moserpro.com